Blog Posts in January, 2021

  • When Is Unequal Pay Illegal?

    Allegations of unequal pay rippled through the food community in 2020. Los Angeles Times food critic Patricia Escárcega, 40, went public about a significant pay disparity between her and her white male counterpart, Bill Addison, 48. Both Escárcega and Addison were hired at the same time to do the same job. The LA Times regularly billed them as co-critics. Yet she learned Addison made a ...
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  • Wrongful Termination and COVID-19 in Miami

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented economic turmoil, both around the world and in our own backyard. In 2020, over one million Floridians lost their jobs because of the virus. While most employers have tried to protect their employees from coronavirus, some have dismissed them illegally in the wake of the outbreak. If you were let go because of COVID-19 and believe you were unlawfully ...
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