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Miami Collective & Class Actions

Providing Representation for Groups of Employers

At Remer & Georges-Pierre PLLC, we have seen many cases of wage or hour disputes turn into collective and class actions based on the operating practices of companies when it comes to paying their employees. For example, one employee may come to us complaining of their employer not properly paying them overtime. When we go to investigate the reported matter, we may find that many employees were incorrectly classified as exempt from overtime, leading to a significant loss of income.

If you are interested in filing a collective or class action, our Miami employment law attorneys at Remer & Georges-Pierre PLLC are here to help you. We understand the ins and outs of wage disputes and how to effectively handle collective and class actions involving them. Contact us online today.

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With 30 years of combined practice in this area of law, we have litigated matters for employees and workers involving a variety of hourly and wage disputes. Class action lawsuits are quite complex and can often be time-consuming, especially when there are a large number of individuals involved. Depending on the size of the company we are going up against, they may have extremely competent and trusted counsel on their side, making the choice of your attorney especially important.

  • The matters we have handled in collective and class actions include:
  • Failure to pay employees for hours worked
  • Failure to pay employees earned tips
  • Failure to pay employees equal pay
  • Failure to pay employees full wages
  • Failure to pay employees overtime

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