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Under law, the Equal Pay Act requires that workers are compensated fairly and equally, regardless of their gender. If you are performing the same job under the same or similar working conditions to another employee of another gender and have found out that they are being paid more than you, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

A Miami employment law attorney may be able to investigate the circumstances by looking at similar employees and making a comparison of the pay. At Remer & Georges-Pierre PLLC, we are not afraid to go up against your employer to right an illegal and wrong situation. If we bring a lawsuit forward, we can make a very strong case on your behalf.

  • Under the Equal Pay Act, there may be no discrimination or unfair pay based on gender when the following are involved:
  • Equal work
  • Effort
  • Responsibility
  • Skill

What Does the Court Consider in an EPA Case?

The court may look at an EPA lawsuit differently than the law, beyond just the job title or label that the person or people in question have. For example, if the duties and qualifications are the same, it will raise a red flag that another person was paid significantly more with a fancy title. Men and women often work together doing the same job, but a man may have a management title, while a woman has an administrative title in order to pay different salaries.

If you suspect that you have grounds for a lawsuit, such as having been treated unfairly in the workplace, making less than an equal counterpart, or have been denied benefits, seek the advice of a Miami employment law attorney.

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