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Were you injured at work? You may be wondering how to proceed with your recovery. Thankfully, Miami and the U.S. have specific employment laws to assist in case of many common injuries at work.

Workplace injuries can be the result of:

  • Picking up heavy equipment
  • Getting body parts caught in equipment
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Slipping and falling
  • Chemical burns
  • Poorly enforced safety regulations
  • Negligent actions of fellow employees

Workers' compensation laws are intended to help you as an injured worker. Workers’ comp provides for employees with work-related injuries, covering lost wages and incurred medical bills. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers are often unwilling to pay for these benefits unless absolutely necessary.

If you are not getting the benefits you are entitled to receive after being injured on the job, our Miami workers' comp lawyers can help you. We have handled work injuries from carpal tunnel to catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent disability.

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What is Covered by Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation is a benefit available to nearly all employees in Miami who suffer an injury that arose at work or outside of work while in the course of employment.
  • The work-related injuries covered by workers' compensation include:
  • Neck, back, and knee injuries
  • Carpal tunnel (hand or wrist injuries)
  • Hearing problems
  • Eye injuries
  • Disfigurement of hands, face, or neck
  • Scarring of body
  • Work-related emotional problems
  • Work-induced heart attack or stroke
  • Occupational diseases such as asbestosis and dermatitis
  • Asthma or other work-related pulmonary conditions
  • Loss of use of limbs
  • Other injuries

A Miami injury lawyer from our firm can assist in working through this area of law in order to receive total medical care and a fair settlement from all possible sources. We will handle cases where your medical treatment or benefits were denied by your employer.

When Should You Retain a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Workers' comp insurance companies and employers have little incentive to see that your rights to fair and reasonable compensation are considered. It is beneficial to involve an attorney with experience in this area of law for any worker's compensation case. However, it is vital to reach out to an attorney for certain situations.

  • You should reach out to a worker's comp attorney right away if:
  • You believe you are not getting all of the benefits you are entitled to after your injury
  • Your employer is refusing to pay any part of your compensation or is otherwise delaying on paying benefits
  • Your employer is refusing to report the injury to the insurance company
  • You have not received any compensation for your lost wages from being out of work AND working few hours during your recovery
  • Your employer is not offering appropriate alternative work after you are released
  • You are having issues communicating with the employer's doctor, or the doctor is attempting to release you before you believe you are ready
  • Your employer or the insurance company has offered a lump sum settlement for your claim
  • You were fired after your injury or after attempting to claim your benefits

If you are fired as retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim or attempt to request workers’ compensation benefits, you have a claim for retaliatory discharge. Remer & Georges-Pierre PLLC is experienced in handling workers’ compensation retaliation claims.

If you have questions about workers’ compensation or injuries on the job, call our firm to schedule a free consultation.