• I thank & commend Remer and George-Pierre for an excellent job.
    Far too often people are eager to write letters or make a phone call to complain, I wanted to take the time to write to let you know that I am very pleased with the performance, support professionalism, and determination of Remer & George-Pierre. Upon settlement, I felt that it was a fair settlement and that Remer & George-Pierre did everything in their power to ensure this process had truly been as smooth and comfortable as possible. I could not have asked for more! I thank and commend Remer and George-Pierre for an excellent job in representing my family's best interest.

    - Duanne J.

  • Very friendly & accommodating!
    Very friendly and accomodating! Plus they have the best lawyers ever! Thank you so much and they don't hesitate to help you! Kudos! Muchas Gracias!

    - Honeyjean P.

  • Excellent law firm!

    Excellent law firm. I highly recommend and would use them again.

    - Maria P.

  • A positive experience.
    Very professional lawyers. It was a positive experience for me. Also, I would like to send specialty gratitude to Nathaly Saavedra for her patience and dedication to me and to my case. Thank you, Nathaly for being my lawyer.

    - David S.

  • Dedicated to helping people and their needs.
    I would like to thank everyone in this law firm, they are dedicated to helping people and their needs. I’m really happy I chose them to represent me. I’m a happy customer.

    - Victor A.

  • Support, trust & honesty.
    I want to thank all the staff of Remer & Georges-Pierre, PLLC, especially Adriana Delgado for all the support, trust, and honesty in every way. They guided me very well and all my questions clarified in detail. Thank you.

    - Roberto M.

  • Great experience! It's like being at home with people that care for you.
    Great experience. It's like being at home with people that care for you, from the moment you walk into the office till you leave. You are treated in a royal manner, thanks to the receptionists and to the legal team. They really understand you and go step by step showing real care for the customer. Thanks again Jason Remer and Co.

    - Miguel P.

  • Very professional and personable.
    Every staff member that I encountered was very professional and personable. The attorneys work hard for you to get you what you deserve. If you have a problem and need a knowledgeable lawyer to represent you, I highly recommend going with Remer & Georges-Pierre.

    - Mark B.

  • A wonderful experience.
    I have had a wonderful experience with this law firm. Their staff is great, very nice and helpful. If you have any issues at work this is the law firm to go to.

    - Jeni P.

  • Friendly & professional.
    The entire staff is very friendly and professional. You can trust them with your legal problems because they are committed to their clients.

    - Danielle P.

  • Highly qualified attorneys.
    I had the circumstance in 2017 to obtain an attorney/law firm and was referred to Remer & Georges-Pierre PLLC. My attorney was Nathaly Lewis, Esq. for most of my case, and her assistant Mica. On the day of my mediation, I was represented by Peter Hoogerwoerd, Esq. I had superb professional treatment from what I think are highly qualified attorneys who are dedicated and extremely skilled experts in their field of service. If you are out there, looking for an attorney, and are trying to make a decision; go no further. Call them up. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.

    - Lori A.

  • Professional, knowledgeable & competent.
    It was a pleasure to deal with this law firm. The attorneys are very professional, knowledgeable, and competent and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them for all your legal issues! If you need any help, call and ask for Mariela Gomez and she will direct you to the appropriate person.

    - Regla P.

  • Very professional & can handle complicated cases.

    The firm is very professional and can handle complicated cases effectively using a great organizational approach to management. They assign a full team for every client to ensure success and the best results. My main attorney was Peter Hoogerwoerd who is not only ethical and honest but someone that you can count on to do the best possible for your case. He has a team in place with superior quality attorneys who know their game in trial work. Nathaly Lewis and Carlos Serrano were very professional, knowledgeable, and tactful in making strategic decisions which ultimately led to superior trial work. They are patient and displayed compassion with an extremely difficult case that had me emotionally and physically drained to the point that I became very ill. They kept me focused on the facts and what was needed to get the best results through many many calls, emails, and communication.

    I remained working throughout the course and followed all their directions for the best outcome. I informed them of every detail and collected lots of data. In the end, it was a few huge binders and I cannot tell you what the discovery looked like on their end but they worked endless hours and Peter never ever failed to respond to my countless daily emails and correspondence or any questions related to my case including all the venting at times (or every time) which shows how professional and dedicated he is to people who are going through difficult times in their career and also understands how it can also lead one to financial distress.

    From Peter to Nathaly and then Carlos Serrano- to the assistants and everyone on the case that worked endless hours to make sure every document was analyzed and every angle was thought out. They are the BEST team anyone could hope for. If you're in need of the BEST... you must call Peter Hoogerwoerd! He will make everything work out for the best. Sometimes the outcome is not all about the money but also letting go. As a teacher, letting go of my passion was painful but it was necessary and Peter helped me get there. It was a very difficult decision and they helped me get there with the entire process which also included a decent settlement or the best without the extra heartache of a trial. Please do yourself a favor and call Peter for a consultation and everything else is history. Thank you, Peter, Nathaly, Carlos, and the staff who helped me let go and begin a fresh start and of course helping me let go of a hostile working environment.

    - Becky G.

  • My experience with this law firm was outstanding!
    My experience with this law firm was outstanding! The utmost professional service throughout my case. I personally recommend this firm to anyone!

    - John B.

  • Polished & exuded confidence.
    Incredible experience. Mr. Remer was polished and exuded confidence. Put your case in his hands. I highly recommend Mr.Remer.

    - Tony D.

  • Exceptional & professional service.
    The exceptional and professional service I received from Max Horowitz and Anthony Georges-Pierre was unexpected. They worked on my behalf and I’m greatly pleased with the outcome. Everyone in the office was polite and knowledgeable with any questions or concerns I’ve had. The situation may be unfortunate but I will definitely work with Remer & Georges-Pierre again. Thanks once again!

    - Kandy B.

  • Eternally grateful.
    The best representation I could ever find. Attorney Mr. George-Pierre and Associate Attorney Mr. Horowitz. Professionals who not only looked out for my interest as a client in the current case but far beyond. If in need of legal representation and think you cannot trust anyone, this firm is making the difference. Today was the first day of a much brighter future for me, thanks to them, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

    - Odalys H.

  • This law firm is amazing.
    This law firm is AMAZING. The customer service that I received from Day 1 was 5 star and top-notch. There is always someone there to help you throughout the process and the attorneys were incredible at handling my case. Ending up winning a tough battle with my past employer and I could not have done it without the help of the Remer and Georges-Pierre Law Firm. If I could give this place 5 + stars I would. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    - Jordan S.

  • Extremely knowledgeable, & great to work with.
    I recently used RGP for a legal issue. Something I can honestly say I never thought I would do. I am glad I picked their team as things came out fair. Max and Anthony are extremely knowledgeable, and great to work with.

    - Erin J.

  • A great experience.

    I am so impressed with this firm! I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mr. George Pierre himself and he is one of the most knowledgeable and professional attorneys I have ever met. I was impressed with his drive, ambition, and work ethic. You can count on him to go the extra mile and get it done right. The entire staff was so kind and really helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Maria was also so caring and wonderful! I had a great experience with this firm and I not only highly recommend them but have them saved in my phone and will only use them for legal services in the future. Thank you guys!

    - Erika F.

  • Great communication.
    Great firm. Great communication from the receptionist to the attorney's - calls and emails always answered right away. Patrick and Rainier handled my case exclusively, with the support of the rest of the firm it was like having a huge team on your side. Couldn't be happier with my treatment or the results. I have referred several people and all have positive things to say.

    - Michael S.

  • The best legal representation you can find.

    The best labor lawyers in town without a doubt; no need to look further if you need representation! My fiancé and I were in desperate need of legal representation when our former employer assaulted and violently fired me after being a loyal employee for 3 years. He then proceeded to retaliate against my partner who had been with the company for almost 6 years. When we found ourselves without work and emotionally damaged by the horrible and embarrassing experience of being demeaned in front of others and treated violently, we contacted Remer and Georges-Pierre, PLLC and they instantly snapped into action.

    Our case lawyer, Max Horowitz was fantastic. He was thorough, put us at ease, and insisted we were right to defend ourselves with civil suits. The law office took care of everything, guiding us through each step. When our cases went to mediation, Max was on point, making sure we were represented correctly, with intelligence and integrity. In the end, we were well rewarded financially for choosing Remer and George-Pierre PLLC as our law office and consider ourselves very lucky to have been appointed Max as our attorney. For the best legal representation you can find, if you are treated in an illegal fashion in the workplace, you can do no better. We will be eternally grateful to them for helping us stand up for our rights!

    - Daniel S.

  • Extremely efficient & kept me informed.

    Patrick and his staff were great! They helped me with an extremely stressful situation. Everyone was very professional and caring. They were extremely efficient and kept me informed of everything that was happening with my case. I highly recommend them. Thank you Anthony and Patrick for quickly handling and winning my case!

    - Mayra H.

  • Highly recommend this firm.
    Made me feel very comfortable in what seemed to be a very uncomfortable situation that I was dealing with. Very trustworthy and forthcoming with all the information thrown my way. My lawyer was informative and answered the many questions I had. The staff was friendly and the office was clean and organized. I would highly recommend this firm and their trusted staff and Lawyers.

    - Vanessa G.

  • Professional, knowledgeable & resolute.
    I wanted to take the time to let you all know how incredibly pleased I am with the work your firm, and in specific Mr. Rainier Regueiro, did on my behalf. From my first encounter with Mr. Regueiro, he was professional, knowledgeable, and resolute in finding a just and swift solution to my case. I have been able to communicate with Mr. Regueiro at all times during my case, he has always remained accessible and patiently answered all questions I had, at all times. Mr. Regueiro was instrumental in obtaining the results I was entitled to, and I am in debt for his arduous work on my behalf. I wholeheartedly recommend Remer & Georges-Pierre to anyone who may need counsel in employment law. Mr. Regueiro will not let you down. Thank you!

    - Giovanni S.

  • Truly cares for his clients.
    Max is a wonderful attorney who truly cares for his clients. I refer an employment issue over to him because I know he will be honest and treat them like family. I highly recommend Max and his firm.

    - Samah A.

  • Very knowledgeable & professional lawyers.
    I would highly recommend this firm, very knowledgeable and professional lawyers, they REALLY know Florida law. If you were mistreated they will take your case big or small.

    - Yaad G.

  • Lifesavers & extremely professional.

    Wow-what can I say about this office that others haven't already. I was looking for anyone who could help me and just as I had given up I reached out to the office to see about getting some help. From the moment I made the call to the end of my case, I was always involved with the process. I was never left wondering what was happening and everyone in the office was willing to help. Remer & Georges-Pierre were lifesavers and extremely professional. If you need a great lawyer and support from an amazing office team please give this office a chance, other lawyers laughed and declined my case but RGP said we will help and get you what you deserve, and boy did they do so. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

    - Jordan A.

  • Very pleased with the treatment & attention my case is receiving.
    I'm a new client and very pleased with the treatment and attention my case is receiving. When no one else would help me this firm stepped in. If you need help, call this great team.

    - Jana N.

  • Polite, charming & very knowledgeable.
    Wow! This office has the most helpful staff. I spoke with Mr. Georges-Pierre and he actively listened and gave me very great advice as far as to what direction I should approach my particular situation. I had so many questions and he was able to answer them all without hesitation, which left me at peace, I knew I was in good hands. He was polite, charming, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs guidance.

    - Stepanie S.